The Conversation Begins

Welcome to a husbands podcast. My name is Chad Farrell and I will be holding weekly, “real world” conversations with my beautiful and amazingly spiritual wife. With all the stuff I see out there on how to improve relationships and marriages it’s all about do this, don’t do that, communicate, go on a date, find your happy place. Truth is, relationships are messy. It seems like all the so called experts are talking at you. But this always leaves something missing for me. What do all those things actually look like in a real husband/wife relationship desperately seeking to become more intimate and connected. I invite you to join me and my stunningly insightful wife as we embark on a journey to become a stronger single unit. With weekly real, non-scripted conversations about self-discovery, trust, and a matrimony in Christ. This will be my Legacy!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Waltonwebsite

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