Episode 1!!!

Here it is guys as promised. This is episode 1 of “Conversations with my wife!” Just a couple of things to remember and I would like to point out about the first episode. This is merely an introduction about what I hope to accomplish with the show and how I came up with the idea. This is the only show to be put on here where I am not actually talking with my wife. I am amazed that I was able to talk the entire ten minutes. These episodes are short, to the point. They are not scripted, just a few talking points on paper. They are raw, unedited, with the exception of some music, and there is only one take. No do-overs. You may even spot a couple of my mistakes in this first episode. Please check back every week and hopefully there will not be too many hiccups as these things get uploaded. Since this is my first venture into podcasting I pray that you will be able to listen to future episodes on itunes, stitcher, and possibly other podcasting sites. There is a process to getting things running on those sites. For the moment please listen directly on this website. And, I don’t want to forget a big shout out and attribution to “Cullah” for the cool music. Enjoy, thank you, and God bless!!

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