Episode 13! Let People Know!

Excellent conversation this one. One of the many reasons I adore my wife. Insight beyond measure. Others constantly on her mind. You will probably notice that she does most of the talking in this one, which is awesome. Otherwise, I may have to name this show conversations with myself. Nobody wants that.

And amazing points tonight. She is right. People often do not know. Perhaps we are to afraid to tell them. Our pride? Our ego? Maybe we just make too many assumptions. If we just smile right or simply say thank you. People in your life have to know they matter. It could be the only reason some people come back around. We take too much for granted because we think we are doing enough. Maybe that is the exact point we need to be doing more. If we really have to stop and ask ourselves is what I have done enough? Then maybe the answer is no.

I guess that old saying is true, “better late than never.” At least I hope it is. Because I am coming to this game kind of late it seems. The previous twenty years seems a bit of a waste in many regards. I thought I had purpose. Turns out I didn’t. I thought I was making an impact. Turns out, I wasn’t. I thought that the status quo was all God had in store for me. Turns out, it isn’t. Not by a long shot.

I don’t know what it will take to make the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. I am doing my best to start at home. I have been pondering the question more, “Is to fail at home mean you fail everywhere?” At least I know the impact has to start at home.

But we should take a moment for others. Let them know today if they have impacted you and how. Just like Liz said, the people are the church. And it truly would be different if those people were not there.

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