The One That Almost Wasn’t!

I am just glad this one got out. The technical difficulties alone were enough to nearly derail this one. We actually had to record this episode a second time because my media card decided it wanted to be corrupted and lose all the recordings on it.

But prior to that the devil was hard at work. I actually nearly recorded this one by myself because of an argument that my wife and I were having. I went into a seperate room, started recording and she shows up wanting to know what I was doing. The interesting thing is this is actually the second time something like this has happened. A few weeks ago I even contemplated a new direction with the podcast. One that did not include my wife because it seems amazingly difficult to just sit and talk for ten minutes. I suppose I could call it “Conversations I wish I were having with my Wife.”

I just have to take this on faith that this is a good thing. The devil is working because he knows what I am trying to accomplish with this. That I am onto something really great and genuine and of course he wants to see this fail. But in typical Elizabeth fashion she saved the day. And was gracious enough to do it a second time to beat all.

Now onto the episode itself. This past Saturday was our first big believing couples event. I think a great time was had by all. We are in the planning stages of the next one and am really excited to begin our monthly meetings. Yay for the couples. God Bless.

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