“Without Intention, Nothing Specific Happens.”

So the the question again becomes, “What can you do in fifteen minutes?” If your intentional and extremely focused I would say a lot. Unless of course your trying to recreate the pyramids or something and then you may not get very far. In fifteen minutes I could:

Upload this podcast.

Get in a short workout.

I can talk to my wife.

I could do much funner things with my wife instead of talk in that fifteen minutes.

I can order groceries online.

I can play a game of checkers with my kids.

I could take a walk.

I could read the word of GOD.

Take a moment to text a friend and brighten their day.

Write everyday and in a year I might have a book.

Listen to a portion of a podcast.


Ride around the neighborhood with my kids on the bikes.

I don’t think there is any shortage of things that can be accomplished in fifteen minutes. It’s all about the quality over quantity. If your intention is to truly get to know someone better what good does it do to sit in silence for an hour. Putting a time on it makes you get it done. Don’t just linger in a space for an hour without any focus.

I started this podcast with the sole intention of getting to know my wife better. All the episodes combined we have accumulated a little over three hours of talk time. I have no doubt those three hours have been way more beneficial in getting to know her than just 3 weeks of “hanging out.” Intention equals precision. What are you going to do with fifteen minutes?

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