Episode 31…Only the Lonely


Today’s episode does not feature my wonderful wife. Sorry, you just get me.

I promise it is for good reason.

She has been busy. Really busy. The last thing I wanted to do was unindate her with any philosophical questions and deep conversations.

I know she just needs a break. But is not getting one anytime soon.

For the past five days she has been gone anywhere from 12 to 15 hours.

In addition to her regular work schedule, she has been recording a CD with the church and moving her place of business.

I have helped as much as I could. I thought it would also be a big help to just let her be for this episode. I knew I could pull this one off by myself.

So, I reflected mostly.

About what I am trying to accomplish here. What lessons have I learned? What lessons do I need to learn?

When to back off? When to lean in?

I tell why this  is weird. 

See, I am not the guy who needs a lot of attention in a relationship. I am the guy that can lie in bed and just be touching feet in the silence to know that I am loved.

But the past five days have been hard. The communication has been short bursts.

She gets home, I am already asleep.

I leave for work, now she is asleep.

I felt neglected. Not in a bad way. Just a little on the outside looking in. It’s just a short season.

She left the house at 7 this morning just to continue moving her business.

This is after working all week.

This is after rehearsing and recording a CD with the church.

This is after spending five hours helping another lady prepare for a baby shower.

So, I felt like the best thing I could do was just tackle this episode myself and show some praise for all she does.

And it is hard sometimes. Knowing when to back off and when to just let the river rage by and search for calmer waters.

Music: Cullah – “Riverse” on “Cullah The Wild” (http://www.cullah.com)
Under license (CC BY SA 4.0) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash


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