Moving Forward!

What does progress look like? When it is something tangible, it’s easy. A house being built. A cake being baked. A book getting written. A car rolling off the assembly line. But what if it can’t be touched? Or seen? Or smelled? Or tasted? How do you really know you are growing more intimate with God or your spouse? At what moment do you wake up and can say, “Babe, I love you 100 percent more that yesterday,” and the other person actually knows what you mean. Once you feel like you have reached a goal in your relationship, is it impossible to back track? What assurances do I have that my wife won’t walk out the door tomorrow? Because unlike God, people can change. For better or for worse. These kinds of questions is what we have to grapple with on a daily basis. The whole reason for our churches marriage ministry is to try and figure this whole thing out. Sure, God gave us an instruction manual. But it too can seem a bit overwhelming. The only thing I have figured out so far is that this institution of marriage was intended to be a direct reflection of our relationship to him. We have to take God on Faith. We don’t see him, touch him, smell him like we do our spouse. If we learn to perfectly love a sinner then imagine how much easier it will be to love our most wonderful God.

Episode 5! The Devil comes out Swinging?

This early into the new year and the devil himself has come down to Georgia. He doesn’t come as this red dude in a cape with horns and a pitch fork. It’s doubt, diversion, defeat, discouragement. Even 2nd Corinthians says he comes as light. Those bright, new shiny objects of your heart’s desire. The episodes are getting real and interesting. Just the way I had hoped. Learning more about myself, my wife, and the needs that have to be met in a relationship. Have a great week and God Bless!!

Episode 4! Seek with Purpose!

“Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Awesome episode coming your way this week. I know, I am perhaps a little biased. But don’t let that stop you. Seek with purpose this week. As my wife says, don’t worry about trying to rehearse it, make it nice or pretty. Put it out there for God. He knows it but wants you to tell him anyway. It doesn’t matter how you get to that point, just get there. Take care and God Bless!

Episode 3! Intention

This is my legacy

So, for whatever reason the words purpose and intention seem to be crossing my mind a lot in the last few weeks. There are probably some people thinking, “This guy has to record conversations just to talk to his wife?” Keep listening it will become clear. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. It’s a new year with new goals. Find them. Draw circles around them. Pray for the walls to come down. Thank you for listening and as always, God Bless!

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Thank You!

Just sending a quick shout out and thank you to those who said they listened to episode 1 of the podcast. Be sure to tune in next week for episode 2. The first of many to come with my wife. Please be sure to visit so you can subscribe and keep up on the journey. Also, from here out you can listen on itunes and stitcher as well. Again, thank you. It is going to be a great year. And God Bless!

Episode 1!!!

Here it is guys as promised. This is episode 1 of “Conversations with my wife!” Just a couple of things to remember and I would like to point out about the first episode. This is merely an introduction about what I hope to accomplish with the show and how I came up with the idea. This is the only show to be put on here where I am not actually talking with my wife. I am amazed that I was able to talk the entire ten minutes. These episodes are short, to the point. They are not scripted, just a few talking points on paper. They are raw, unedited, with the exception of some music, and there is only one take. No do-overs. You may even spot a couple of my mistakes in this first episode. Please check back every week and hopefully there will not be too many hiccups as these things get uploaded. Since this is my first venture into podcasting I pray that you will be able to listen to future episodes on itunes, stitcher, and possibly other podcasting sites. There is a process to getting things running on those sites. For the moment please listen directly on this website. And, I don’t want to forget a big shout out and attribution to “Cullah” for the cool music. Enjoy, thank you, and God bless!!

the life

This is my legacy

Getting ready to Launch!!

Hello everyone. Please join me as I launch the first podcast of “Conversations with my Wife.” If everything goes as planned it will launch on Tuesday, January 1st one minute into the new year. What a way to start 2019. I don’t expect you to listen at that time because I am sure you will be ringing in the new year. I hope you will listen. I hope everything goes as planned and you will be able to find it on sites like itunes and stitcher. You should also be able to listen directly from the website. Like, share, comment, let me know what you think. Have a great new year and God Bless!!!

The Conversation Begins

Welcome to a husbands podcast. My name is Chad Farrell and I will be holding weekly, “real world” conversations with my beautiful and amazingly spiritual wife. With all the stuff I see out there on how to improve relationships and marriages it’s all about do this, don’t do that, communicate, go on a date, find your happy place. Truth is, relationships are messy. It seems like all the so called experts are talking at you. But this always leaves something missing for me. What do all those things actually look like in a real husband/wife relationship desperately seeking to become more intimate and connected. I invite you to join me and my stunningly insightful wife as we embark on a journey to become a stronger single unit. With weekly real, non-scripted conversations about self-discovery, trust, and a matrimony in Christ. This will be my Legacy!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Waltonwebsite