Best Friends?!?!…

What is a best friend anyway?  I have never really sat down and tried to tie any real concrete things to one. I had a best friend once. In middle school. That probably was one of two times in my life that I truly talked to someone about anything.

Nothing seemed to be off limits…

If we were doing something, we were doing it together come hell or high water. But it was only for a season.

Is it even possible to have one best friend your whole life? Or do you just get different ones in different seasons.

The thing I wonder most about..

Is it possible for men and women to be best friends?

Honestly, I am still not sure. You see, I get this picture in my head about best friends sitting in front of the television with the pizza box sitting in their undies. One farts. Then the other tries to one up the other one. And around and around it goes until one concedes that the other has the “winning” fart.

I hate conversations like these because I try to put logic behind such seemingly illogical concept. There is nothing concrete about one’s perception of a “best” friend.

That is the one thing I loved about sports and lifting weights. The Numbers. The higher the numbers the better things were. Excluding golf of course.

Sports is tangible.

You can see it.

Feel it.

Smell it.

Hear it.

The numbers won’t lie. You may not like what you see but the numbers reveal something about you as a person. It’s simply quantifiable.

True Friendship on the other hand is not.

It’s just a mess of random emotions about how good or wanted you feel. Then if you live with someone, and in the case of men and woman, have sex it just complicates things even more.

So, I tired of thinking about this and being to much in my own head about it.

I am going to stop digging now.

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Episode 21…To Every Purpose…

What exactly is the point of it all? The purpose?

To communicate?

To conversate?

Why did language develop and why does it continue to do so? Does it actually make things easier?

I think I have more grace with someone who doesn’t speak my language because I know deep down there is some serious barriers to communication. So, that makes me more patient and understanding.

But, it is there I suppose. I am guessing we all use it for a different purpose.

Some just communicate to get what they want when they want it. Think about a crying baby.

Others truly want to understand a process because it will be worth their time to do so. Maybe think of a doctor.

Others may do it because they want to understand another human being. Maybe think a dating couple.

But, how much information is enough?

Will there ever be a point where two people can effectively quit conversing? Wouldn’t you eventually learn everything there is to know, or you want to know, about another person? Is there a natural point where talking declines? Maybe stops?

Especially when the mundane of routine kicks in.

“What did you do today”?

“Well, I went to work. My boss yelled at me. Customers yelled at me. My co-worker yelled at me. Now I’m home and ready for dinner and bed.”

“That’s great hon. Sounds just like yesterday.”

One of my favorite song lyrics was, “I believe I can see the future because I repeat the same routine.”

I imagine that is what talking is like after you get past the decade mark.

I mean you have seen them. That couple that sits in the restaurant awkwardly looking around so they avoid any eye contact, hoping not to spawn conversation. And when it finally does happen it seems to center around the new decor since you were last at that particular restaurant.

Then you ask, “How’s the meal?” As if you really expect that to kick off anything different in the conversation than the previous 42 times your spouse had the same thing.

So, I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me. Of course, I have never been one for words. I just trust what the Bible says about men of few words. We are the wisest.

Because one thing I have figured out. The less I talk, the less trouble I seem to get myself into.

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Episode 19: Potpourri…Part 2!

There is always a continuation. Life and learning are not sequential.

There are many starts, stops, pauses, plateaus, uphill climbs, and downhill skids. You hope to find enough fun filled moments to offset the frustrating ones. You wonder what is next. If you have arrived. If you ever truly arrive.

It all seems so elusive. I keep waiting for my red pill:blue pill moment. What is success anyway? For far too long I have measured it by the good old bank account.

But I digress. I will just stop here and let the episode do the talking.

Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash

Music: Cullah – “Riverse” on “Cullah The Wild” (
Under license (CC BY SA 4.0)